The BTAG Difference

Since it was founded over 20 years ago in 1996, the Business Technology Alignment Group, LLC (BTAG) has been an enterprise consulting organization focused on the alignment of information technology resources in support of tactical operating objectives and strategic business initiatives. BTAG’s engagements are results oriented and provide significant positive impact. BTAG is nimble and responsive, providing a personal level of service which some of our more bureaucratic competitors struggle to achieve.

BTAG is a group of consultants and partners that are uniquely positioned to align your business and technology. Our proven methodology, approach and experience have helped clients achieve successful alignment solutions even before it became fashionable and a high priority for businesses. We recognized alignment imperativeness back in the 90's when IT left the "glass house" and became an enabler for optimizing business processes. Each member of the management team at BTAG has decades of experience in the alignment of IT with business needs. BTAG understands and implements best practices and efficient IT organization designs for large, complex clients. Today BTAG's has  two major business segments and capabilities:

Enterprise Systems - functional and technical services for all major industries
Insurance Industry vertical focus expertise for both business & technical segments

Both of these segments concentrate on Business and Technology Alignment along with an emphasis in Enterprise Transformation Solutions.


Business & Technology Solutions

Horizontally, BTAG has both the functional business expertise and the technical know-how to provide the best Business & Technology Solutions. For over fifteen years, We have helped clients reach their business objectives. BTAG have numerous successful implementations and enhancement projects in Enterprise Systems including Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics,  SAP and the surrounding technologies. BTAG is highly sought for its deep IBMi Power Server knowledge and BI expertise. We have a core competency in helping clients that use ERP software through mergers and acquisitions. This has given BTAG a unique perspective in helping their clients, and a competitive advantage over other firms. Our ability to align technology with business objectives allows the parent company to achieve the optimized solution for driving business performance. Our best practice solutions and ERP implementations have successfully served in the following industries:


Insurance Solutions Experts

Vertically, BTAG is a business consulting firm specializing in providing solutions for the insurance industry. Our products and solutions are currently being utilized by major insurance carriers across many platforms. For our clients, we are successfully extending the life of their legacy systems by adding options such as Automated Agency Interfaces, State Reporting, Data Warehousing and Actuarial Reporting System. We assist our clients with integration of Billing, Claims, Financial and Reinsurance Systems with their core insurance processing systems. And if necessary helping them migrate to current technologies.

BTAG works closely with senior management of insurance companies to identify business and technology strategies that will best meet their overall goals and business objectives, and with IT to help insurers successfully implement technology strategies. BTAG is unique in that it provides practical, real world advice, hands-on support, and highly-specialized expertise from seasoned insurance and technology experts.


BTAG specialty is providing the business and technology expertise for Corporate Restructuring.

Solutions to provide you a competitive and financial advantage.  The individual consultants, at any company you choose to partner with, are critical to the success of the project. Our project teams are lead by our proven BTAG management team highly experienced and successful in business, technical and project management skills. We led the successful post acquisition integration and consolidation of a division of a major oil company. We also were instrumental in the pre and post acquisition integration and consolidation of two of the largest satellite companies, and numerous other company acquisition and divestiture activities including a German engineering manufacturing company and a world renowned fashion & consumer projects company.

360° Align

Companies today have the challenging task of seamlessly integrating technology and business into their operations. Business information technology is integral in business improvement and reaching business goals. Managing business technology, learning how to improve business with new technology, and the technology development process can make or break a company.

But even more important is business technology management and how it aligns to all aspects of an organization. BTAG's 360 ° Align is a process that insures all parts of a business are optimized and working in conjunction to achieve a common goal. It is critical not only to align the information technology project portfolio, systems, people and processes to the business functions of an organization but also to its customers requirements and the marketplace.


Clients We Serve

During the past twenty years the Business Technology Alignment Group, LLC has helped clients reach their business objectives. We have successfully implemented Enterprise Systems projects and enhancement projects of Oracle/JD Edwards, MS Dynamics, SAP and surrounding technologies. Vertically we have one of the most talented resources in the  Insurance Industry.


Traditional and Cloud Computing Enterprise Systems Implementation

Solutions to your most critical business needs, and tailor them to your specific situation.

Available Solutions

Our People

  • Extensive Expertise and Insight
  • A large base of highly skilled and experienced seasoned consultants
  •  Independence Not affiliated with any other vendor or service provider
  •  Unique Approach Senior-level strategic engagements
  • Big things with small teams
  • Pragmatic, workable solutions

    … resulting in successful client outcomes!