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Since its founding in 1996, the BTAG has been an enterprise consulting organization focused on the alignment of information technology resources in support of tactical operating objectives and strategic business initiatives. BTAG is a group of consultants and partners that are uniquely positioned to align your business and technology. Our proven methodology, approach and experience have helped clients achieve successful alignment solutions even before it became fashionable and a high priority for businesses. We recognized alignment imperativeness back in the 90's when IT left the "glass house" and became an enabler for optimizing business processes.


Our Approach


  • Support Customer
  • Themes  Customer
  • Focused Solutions
  • Integrating New Technology Strategies
  • Understanding Enterprise Consumers 
  • Rapid Delivery of High Impact Solutions


"Bridging the Gap" between technology and your business 

Compounding this challenge are issues such as the volatility of technology, workforce viability, the pressures of regulatory change, and the speed of Globalization. With so many external factors affecting business today, IT alignment is essential to be competitive, profitable and to assure future survival. BTAG is positioned to understand and support your efforts.

360 ° Align

Companies today have the challenging task of seamlessly integrating technology and business into their operations. Business information technology is integral in business improvement and reaching business goals. Managing business technology, learning how to improve business with new technology, and the technology development process can make or break a company.

But even more important is business technology management and how it aligns to all aspects of an organization. BTAG's 360 ° Align is a process that insures all parts of a business are optimized and working in conjunction to achieve a common goal. It is critical not only to align the information technology project portfolio, systems, people and processes to the business functions of an organization but also to its customers requirements and the marketplace.

It’s not always easy to marry the business office technology you deal with every day with general business requirements such as effective communication skills, management skills, and business risk. Leaders today need to understand business technology management, recognize barriers to effective communication when explaining business IT solutions, and possess project management skills.

During BTAG's 360 ° Align a company will not only learn about information technology business management, but also how technology in business can assist with business goals and objectives.

In today’s business climate, everyone understands the need to shorten the time to act on business opportunities or react from industry threats. IT is a critical tool to help support business strategy. Unfortunately, IT investment and implementation isn’t always aligned with the business needs. Clients completing the BTAG's 360 ° Align engagement will have the tools and knowledge needed to prevent misalignment and achieve measurable business benefit.

You will learn to:

  • Demystify IT to executives and stakeholders and show its value to the business model and strategic objectives
  • Understand project portfolio analysis and determine the IT initiatives that need the greatest focus and resources
  • Be able to better use technology to increase revenues, productivity and efficiency
  • Identify tools that help diagnose IT misalignment and learn how to use them to remedy problems
  • Maximize asset utilization and extract every dollar from enterprise systems
  • Develop people to ask the right questions about IT and business strategy
  • Dependencies between CIO and CMO for customer experience management

Services covered include:

  • The state of IT and business strategy
  • Causes of good and bad IT alignment
  • Maximizing IT human capital
  • Using IT in business process improvement: increasing efficiency and decreasing costs
  • Using IT in new product or process development: increasing revenues, customer base and productivity


360-Degree Business & Technology Alignment Assessment

This complete assessment delivers actionable recommendations (short & long term). The deliverables from Business/IT Alignment Strategy are action oriented initiatives. It includes a review of all business functions and IT services to create and maintain the information technology services provided for the enterprise. Our Team can provide an assessment (based on study and analysis), covering information architecture, technology infrastructure, design, programming, product selection and installation and system implementation. We focus on business process, technology, industry and services-related knowledge and skills in the areas of application development, data and its conversion, operational services, systems operations, systems integration, and networking, and these resources and skills/ knowledge to create standards and exceptional service for the enterprise. The discoverable phase of assessment is conducted by interviewing senior management, company departments, external clients, and the client’s IT department.