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Our customers include numerous Fortune 500 Extremely high client call back rate for new business A major industry focus is the Insurance Industry

"BTAG's staff, lead by Tony Cioffoletti, has done a tremendous job of analyzing, prioritizing, organizing and mapping a short term improvement plans and long term strategy that improved our organizations processes. I'm looking to hire them again to help improve the performance of yet another organization. Their top Qualities are Great Results, Good Value and High Integrity." Client VP of Operations
“As the consummate entrepreneur Tony has the ability to think "out of the box" and deliver profitable, successful new businesses. He is my go to person for business insight and is without doubt the most trustworthy person I have worked with. I have had the good fortune to work with Tony in two very different capacities one as a colleague at RR Donnelley and the other when we worked to build a new outsourcing business which without him would not have gotten off the ground. I am looking forward to an opportunity to work with Tony again in the future.”  - Client Executive Vice President