ProductsDMV Reporting Many states have mandatory DMV reporting requirements for both Personal and Commercial Lines. Insurance Companies must have reporting capabilities in order to be in compliance with state DMV departments. We responded to this need by building DMV Reporting. We developed two products: one is any Insurance System-to-IVANS interface that leverages IVANS reporting capabilities and the second is the “APACHE/EDI” reporting system that “does-it-all”.

General Ledger Interface Our General Ledger interface creates Journal Transaction entries from primary insurance systems for several major General Ledger packages. We successfully interfaced Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Solomon and Freedom. We recently added a feature to selectively back-out entries made via the automated interface. This is necessary in cases when only a portion of the entries, such as the Reinsurance transactions, need to be backed out and re-generated.

Price Monitor Price Monitor is used by carriers and MGAs to monitor pricing of individual accounts and individual insurance products. We have developed Price Monitors for a number of Professional Liability products and Commercial Multi-peril Packages.

Web-Based Comparative Rating Engine We took the rates of six carriers, matched the coverage's and rating algorithms, and built a web-based solution to purchase travel and health products

"Bridging the Gap" between technology and your business 




Support Customer Themes ♦ Customer Focused Solutions ♦ Integrating New Technology Strategies ♦ Understanding Enterprise Consumers ♦ Rapid Delivery of High Impact Solutions

Compounding this challenge are issues such as the volatility of technology, workforce viability, the pressures of regulatory change, and the speed of Globalization. With so many external factors affecting business today, IT alignment is essential to be competitive, profitable and to assure future survival. BTAG is positioned to understand and support your efforts.

Insurance Solutions Experts

BTAG is a business consulting firm specializing in providing solutions for the insurance industry. Our products and solutions are currently being utilized by major insurance carriers across many platforms. For our clients, we are successfully extending the life of their legacy systems by adding options such as Automated Agency Interfaces, State Reporting, Data Warehousing and Actuarial Reporting System. We assist our clients with integration of Billing, Claims, Financial and Reinsurance Systems with their core insurance processing systems. And if necessary helping them migrate to current technologies. In addition to our Business and Technology Consulting Services, we have designed several Products and implemented effective Solutions Frameworks for our customers. We have found that our client’s business approach to the marketplace, product mix, corporate culture and underwriting results are different, but their information processing needs tend to be similar. Because of this, we can maximize our experience, products and solution frameworks during our engagement. Our developed set of designs, applications and pre-built system templates can be easily customized to meet specific needs. Our products and solutions frameworks are very flexible and are currently being utilized by several major insurance companies today.

The BTAG members have worked with hundreds of insurance companies

  •  Focused on middle market P&C insurance carriers
  • Depth of experience in specialty lines
  • Worked the MGA and Agents
  • Statically consulting for the largest P&C insurance companies
  • Frequency called upon as Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Speaker at P&C insurance events


P&C Opportunity for Uniqueness

Our Senior Consultants and Executive Team have been  working and consulting in the P&C insurance industry for over 100 combined years. We have worked in all aspects and most lines of business. From that depth of experience, BTAG has a specialty area of concentration in P&C Front End Processes. This is the area that directly touches the insurance companies' client and the area that has the highest quotient for being unique. And with caution, is the process segment that needs to be the most aligned to the end client. BTAG is positioned to help our clients both realize this uniqueness - while keeping it aligned to the overall business strategy. Aligning the CIO and CMO to meet the common goal of a great customer experience.


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Actuarial Reporting System We developed Actuarial Reporting System to assist Actuarial Departments with analysis of profitability of accounts, pricing and reserving.

Agency Interfaces Using specialized translation software and custom data validation programs, we are able to load program business data into Carrier’s systems and eliminate redundancies.

Billing Interfaces Our interface feeds premium registrations and subsequent endorsement activity into billing systems such as Maximsoft.

BIG Data Strategies Using our insurance business knowledge to maximize the use of structured and unstructured data.

Claims Interfaces Many companies rely on use of external TPAs (Third Party Administrators) to administer claims. For such companies, we designed and implemented claims interfaces to translate TPA claim information into company systems.

Custom Software We developed custom software where core systems could not be modified to meet requirements.

Data Cleansing Using tools such as Data Junction and Access, we worked with several companies at establishing metrics and methodology to perform data cleansing.

Data Warehousing For our clients, we built custom Data Warehousing solutions or installed and interfaced packages such as Millbrook’s Beacon, Thazar, Business Objects and Cognos.

Electronic Content Management We assist clients in maximizing workflow and storage of the huge volumes of content

 Financial Package Implementation We assist our clients with implementation of new accounting systems such Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Solomon and Freedom. We also developed a GL Interface product.

Insurance Package Implementation We assist companies with package selection, conversion from prior systems, set-up of all tables, and implementation of various enhancements.

 Legacy Migration Planning  We assist companies with decision or when and how to migrate from legacy insurance systems and processes to newer technologies and methods.

Reinsurance Package Implementation Most companies have unique reinsurance requirements. We assist our clients with finding creative ways of making existing systems work in support of facultative and treaty processing.

State Reporting State Reporting We assist our clients with being in compliance with state reporting requirements for: DMV, Worker’s Compensation and NCCI